Comeau Industrial Solutions

Comeau Industrial Solutions was started in 2004 and is an agency catering to the industrial sector. My background of 25 plus years in Industrial sales of which 16 years as an international bearing manufacture representative for the Atlantic Canada region has given me exposure to several industrial sectors such as Pulp and Paper, Mining, Automotive, etc.
I chose to represent a few very specific products that I have found over the years to be very helpful to the industry. These products are proven in industry to be superior in quality, assist in extending equipment service life and help maintenance people be more productive.

Gard Specialist Co. is a supplier / manufacture of abrasives, cutting tools, saw blades, the Gardsert self tapping thread repair as well as other industrial items. Our drill bits are harder than cobalt yet ductile to help prevent breakage. They are not coated but have undergone several heat treating processes to get the increased life. They also can be resharpened several times over.

E & R Weartech is a manufacture of industrial equipment whose only goal is to minimize the abrasive wear on equipment you use in your business. Whether you are in Agriculture or mine for Zinc we are confident we can extend the service life of your equipment and reduce the need for those costly unscheduled shutdowns. Equipment such as screw conveyors, flatbacks, elbows, mixing paddles, agitators, cyclones, Carbide tipped spikes for wood room spike rolls, log feed roll,
speed up roll etc.

The Lube Vent Block (U. S. Patent Pending) Minimizes unplanned machinery downtime and maximizes production uptime and corporate profitability. It allows excess grease to exit housing when operated. It eliminates the possibility of bearing overheating and failing due to over-greasing. The Lube Vent Block ensures sealed system integrity with no open vents ensuring correct amount of grease is maintained in the bearing cavity. Eliminates the major cause of bearing failures related to over / under lubrication.

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